Doli's 1st Gloryhole Visit - Sep 02, 2016

Aug 7 2017 - 03:41:03 AM

Release Year: 2016
Genres: Deepthroat, All Sex, Blowjob, IR

I'm sure you guys could tell by the interview that Doli couldn't wait to get into the Gloryhole booth and get some cocks in her mouth. Well, she got quite a bit more than she anticipated. The Gloryhole is a dynamic environment and no one knows exactly what will happen. that's why I refer to it as an "adventure".
She masturbates a lot but skipped today so she'd be fresh and ready us. She started out by warming up her picture perfect shaved 18 year old pussy and getting it nice and wet to finger and fuck.
She then proceeded to show off her amazing deepthroat skills. Keep in mind that she's only 18! Where the fuck do these girls learn how to suck dick like this? My guess is lots of porn and/or lots of practice. She figured out something that only seasoned deppthroaters know and that's to stick their tongue out as they go deep to make room for the cock to slide down their throat. It's a very effective technique and she nailed it.
Things were moving along as usual, getting finger banged, giving sloppy blowjobs and swallowing loads, moving on to the next victim. Then her first black cock appears...BOOM! The look of surprise and excitement on her face was great. The guy wanted to fuck and she was all about backing her pussy up to the Gloryhole for her first interracial bang...bareback! Now rewind back to her interview where she tells us she isn't on birth control. What the hell was she thinking? I was confused about her decision but my job is to capture the action and leave the rest up to consenting adults.
This guy was so into her tight teen pussy that he forgot the "courtesy" knock on the wall and unloaded in her. Neither of us knew until the next guy "Mr. Pringles" got his fingers inside her and released the cum. I could see by the look on her face after she found out that I was about to lose Doli so I told her I'd take her to get a "Plan B" and after the visit. She sighed with relief and continued her adventure.
The creampie worked in Mr. Pringle's favor because he wanted to fuck her and this guy can use the extra lube. She didn't want that monster inside her because she thought it would stretch her pussy out but I gave her a few words of encouragement and she was ready to get impaled. A few more cocks after him and she was more than satisfied. We had a little chat in the parking lot to recap her experience and now we have another slut in training. She's coming back next week for a return visit so I'm taking suggestions to determine what happens to her in the Gloryhole booth or Theater Room. Fire away guys! I suggest making a new thread in the Forum for discussion.

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Doli s 1st Gloryhole Visit Sep 02 2016

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