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Aug 9 2017 - 03:13:31 AM

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I get so turned on when I have your cock in my mouth, but also when I'm just anticipating it. A blowjob is such an intense experience, and sometimes it's just impossible to control myself. I can stroke you and love you and use my hands to get you turned on too, but I just crave you in my mouth. You just feel so right and at home there.

When I suck you and look deeply into your eyes, I know how purely aroused you are. Sure, I can tell from the way your cock throbs for me and pulses against my tongue, but it's in your eyes as much as anywhere else. It's the same flash of attention and lust you give me, even when we're out in public together… It's a little flare that suggests how you just can't wait to get me back home. You're so hard for me, though… As much as I love that look on your face, your cock is right in front of me, standing straight and demanding attention.

I love to relish the sensuality of a blowjob with you. Every sensation is different… Nothing is static, it's always changing and developing. As you thrust into my mouth, I know that your orgasm is drawing nearer. With this kind of passion and intensity, I know you're a bout to burst for me. Your hip buck wildly into my fists and towards my mouth as you being to moan, and I capture your cum with a sweet smile. You're just amazing to me.

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Turned On

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